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Hotel Gift Vouchers

Monetary Gift Voucher

€20.00 - €500.00

  • ***Cash Gift Voucher***

    A Pillo Hotel Gift Voucher is the perfect gift for any occasion. This voucher can be used towards an Overnight stay, Dinner in the Bar or Restaurant.

    This voucher can be redeemed up to 5 years of purchase date.

Group Swimming Lessons

Clannlife Group Swimming Lessons

€10.00 - €250.00

  • The upcoming swim term is from 31st of January 2022 to 7thof April 2022.

    Members: €75 Non Members: €90.

    Members: €65 Non Members: €80 (THURSDAY CLASSES ONLY)

    If you have any additional queries please email Evan on if it is a simple question just call the team on the number above.


    When paying please insert child name, day and class into the message box.

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